Youper, the world´s first AI-powered Emotional Health Assistant announces the launch of its Emotional Health Atlas. The Atlas is an interactive dashboard showing the results of pioneering research on human emotions and behavior.

Youper helps users increase their happiness and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety with quick conversations that incorporate various therapeutic techniques, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness. Youper leverages AI to guide users through these interactions, learn from its users, and personalize these techniques to fit each individual’s needs and style.

After several months of collecting data from more than 60 thousand users, Youper is now launching the Emotional Health Atlas, an interactive dashboard populated with live data from the company’s behavior analytics platform. The dashboard displays the intensity of the most common emotions by state across the U.S. and factors influencing moods and behaviors.

“We are learning from thousands of users to gain insights about the human mind and push science forward to develop more personalized treatments for conditions like depression and anxiety,” said Dr. Jose Hamilton, Psychiatrist and CEO of Youper.

The Atlas is available to the public, allowing them to observe the relative intensity of eighteen emotions across the U.S. Filters for gender, professional status and more can help gain further insight into what is influencing people’s happiness, anxiety, depression, and other emotional states. The Atlas also exposes trends of the most common moods over hours, weeks, and months.

Despite the fact that 60 million Americans suffer from emotional and behavioral health issues, mental health remains a difficult, if almost taboo, topic to discuss. Studies show that it can take ten years for someone suffering from conditions such as anxiety and depression to find an effective solution.

Although some tech companies are seizing the opportunity to deliver alternative mental health treatments, the biggest challenge is creating personalized and engaging solutions. Youper is going further by using Artificial Intelligence to match effective therapeutics with each user’s needs and leveraging data through the Atlas dashboard to encourage more people to start and enter conversations about mental health.

“The Emotional Health Atlas is a joint initiative with our users. Our goal is to use data to unlock a new understanding of what makes us happy and raise awareness about how important it is to take care of our emotional health,” added Hamilton. “We decided sharing this knowledge and making the data public will contribute to starting a new era of understanding the human mind.”

Youper’s Emotion Health Atlas will be available to the public on April 17th. The Youper app is currently available for free download on iOS and on Google Play.


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