Innovatrics, a biometrics software and solutions company, today debuts its passive liveness detection feature, the latest addition to their Digital Onboarding Toolkit (DOT). This first-of-its-kind biometric identity check runs completely on-device, requiring no server verification or physical movement from the user to function seamlessly.

The unique feature can be used on consumer devices to allow trusted user identification, remote customer onboarding, and quick selfie logins for firms utilizing Innovatrics’ suite of biometric security solutions. With passive liveness check as part of onboarding, companies no longer need connection to a server to authenticate user ID.

This achievement is possible thanks to Innovatrics’ advanced AI engine optimization, which is able to execute liveness detection locally and with the same accuracy and speed as server-based solutions. The library for this function can be as small as several megabytes and requires 1GB of RAM to run smoothly, making trusted, authentic liveness checks available even on low-end devices.

The launch of this feature comes at an ideal time for companies that require live verification for their users, clients, and customers. A recent survey found that 60% of customer onboardings are abandoned, often due to frustration with server connectivity or delays in liveness checks. Innovatrics’ solution offers a completely on-device method of verification that can run in under 300ms on a Pixel 4 phone, and within one second on older devices.

“Our passive liveness check is the only one of the few to run completely on device,” said Michal Magnusek, DOT product manager at Innovatrics. “This means no server verification is required. If internet connectivity is a concern, or if the user does not want to wait too long for verification, this passive liveness check is a fast and accurate solution to onboarding. It’s strengthened our overall digital onboarding toolkit and is already drawing interest from some of our biggest clients.”

The new passive liveness check feature is part of a larger suite of applications from the biometric software company. Innovatrics’ products and features are used in banking, finance, telecoms, and other industries in order to provide safe and effective ID verification. The passive liveness check is part of their commitment to innovation and improved outcomes for current and future clients.

Disclosure: This article includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company


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