Centercode announces the launch of Betabound, a new beta testing platform aiming to change the way companies and early adopters connect with one another.

Betabound is the new entry point for the testing resource that has established Centercode as the unparalleled industry leader in beta software and services. Equipped with an intuitive, mobile-friendly interface, Betabound connects companies with new and interesting products to 90,000 of the savviest early adopters and beta testers available.

“We envision Betabound as the center of the beta world, a sophisticated yet intuitive space that brings together cutting edge products with a cultivated pool of testers and early adopters,” says CEO Luke Freiler. “It’s everything both parties are looking for, backed by Centercode’s unparalleled industry recognition.”

Betabound allows companies to announce their beta products for free, says Freiler, part of a broader industry-leading offering that continues to set Centercode apart from its competitors.

“At Centercode, we take pride in having built the largest, most thorough original resource library in beta. We strive to position ourselves not just as experts in overseeing beta management, but also as authorities on best practices, legal considerations, and test planning. Centercode is the industry leader for management software and services but more than that, it is a trusted name, for both companies and early adopters alike. And Betabound is our way of using that recognition to facilitate connections between growing companies and the savvy network of testers we’ve cultivated.”

According to Director of Sales Mario Sancho, Betabound is an open intermediary for companies looking to access a qualified testing pool for their products.

“We’ve been fortunate enough to work with not only some of the most prominent companies in the world, but also with a dedicated community of product testers and early adopters that enhance our ability to provide product insight and usable data to our clients. Recruiting is an important part of our value proposition, but now we’re offering those connections for free on Betabound.”

“Companies looking to advertise a new product or test can expect their announcements to reach thousands of the most enthusiastic testers on the web, a network that will only continue to grow on Betabound. For companies, Betabound means better feedback and the right kind of early adopters to jumpstart a launch.”

On the same note, says Freiler, Betabound gives the online adopter community a one-stop shop for new and interesting products that span across industries.

“The idea extends both ways. Betabound gives companies access to testers, but it is also a space where Centercode can continue to develop the diverse tester community it’s already built around its testing services. Anyone on the internet can come to Betabound and find an extensive list of curated announcements that can be filtered based on personal interests and preferences. This will truly be a one-stop shop for early internet adopters, the likes of which has never been attempted before.”

Interested parties, says Freiler, will be able to participate in beta tests, just like companies hoping to maximize the impact of their exposure on Betabound can contract Centercode to help build a successful beta program.

Chief Technology Officer Neil White says, “Betabound is a medium to help build a successful beta program, which is one of the functions that Centercode has traditionally served. But beta is ultimately only as powerful as the tools behind it, which is why we’re constantly working to strengthen our offering and improve our ability to deliver on the goal we’ve always held to: shorter, more efficient beta stages that require fewer participants and less time to produce better insights.”

As White explains, Centercode’s test management software translates a sophisticated backend through an interface that is user-friendly and secure for both testers and companies, embedded with a high-powered dashboard that lets companies manage tests, survey participants, open private forums, collect feedback, and more. Companies come out with detailed reports on bugs and feature requests that allow them to improve their products and hone their distribution and marketing. Centercode’s new test management software includes predictive feedback matching and features such as voting to generate a more collaborative experience and help companies understand feedback popularity and release impact.

“Our software integrates our team’s years of proven industry expertise into a powerful, intuitive web engine that’s accessible to both testers and companies,” says White. “On top of that, we walk companies through the entire beta process, and most importantly, convert the resulting data into usable business insights that lower support costs and assure that products sell better, review better, and reach their target customers.”

Centercode has worked with companies that include Waze, Nest, Roku, Google, General Electric, Time Warner, Toyota, Yahoo, Paypal, Netflix, McAfee, Nokia, Dell, Comcast, Apple, Adobe, Fitbit, Intel, Honeywell, Logitech, Linksys, Microsoft, Texas Instruments, and UPS.

Betabound is the digital space where the best products meet the best testers, backed by the industry leader in beta test management.



Centercode test management solutions deliver shorter betas, requiring fewer participants, resulting in more and better feedback, with far less time invested. As a result, our clients achieve higher reviews, greater sales, fewer returns, and lower support costs.

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