Hong Kong, November 14th, 2017 – Blockchain technology platform DECENT was pleased to present the Unchained Conference. More than 100 elite blockchain experts from around the world gathered in Hong Kong to discuss and explore this cutting-edge technology.

The conference was uniquely purposed to help guests connect with blockchain industry leaders and innovative cryptopreneurs. Tech disruptors, payment processor experts, investors and other thought leaders were all in attendance –  and with just 120 exclusive seats, the event was an intimate opportunity to connect without all the noise of a traditional conference.

The Unchained Conference brought together industry leaders to discuss a range of topics in the blockchain realm – from how the technology can save the entertainment industry, to how it will disrupt funding and investment. Throughout the conference, discussions and presentations by several elite blockchain experts captivated the audience.

Founder, President of DECENT, Matej Michalko, dove deep into blockchain as he discussed a few of the many use cases which have been discovered. His vast experience and understanding of blockchain were on display in his presentation of their proprietary blockchain technology, DCore, and the crowd shared his enthusiasm about the topic.

Amorette Jones the CEO of Pivotal Entertainment presented her view of “How Blockchain Will Save Entertainment”. Amorette is widely recognized as a pioneer in harnessing the power of viral and internet marketing, due in part to a lengthy track record of successfully launching new entertainment franchises. Her connections with the entertainment industry combined with her knowledge and involvement in blockchain solutions gave credit to her not-to-be missed presentation.

Jaroslav Kacina, Founder and CEO of SophiaTX led a presentation on “Breakthrough Innovation with Blockchain” where he went into detail about bridging the gap between blockchain technology and business models, a topic he is particularly specialized in coming from a background of more than 22 years experience delivering technology transformation services for businesses around the world.

ATM Chain’s Core Developer, Xin Wang, spoke about “Decentralized Smart Media”. The company focuses on establishing a trust chain between advertising publishers, merchants, and customers with their decentralized, digitized smart media platform.

Another top speaker at the event, Kalvin Feng, CEO of Dragonfly brought his knowledge and insights in the field of “Disrupting Industries – Blockchain in Gaming”. The China based project pioneered an integrated mobile gaming application marketplace which now reaches more than 100 Million active users worldwide.

Associate Vice President of UNESCO Dr. Shirley M C Yeung delivered a compelling presentation about “Blockchain for Capacity Building and UNSDGs”. Dr. Yeung’s involvement in multiple educational institutions in addition to her knowledge of blockchain puts her at the forefront of cutting-edge technology adoption.

Chairman of the Hong Kong Cyberport company Dr. Lee George Lam discussed “A Policy Maker’s Perspective”. Cyberport is an innovative digital community with over 900 digital tech companies committed to nurturing youth, start-ups and entrepreneurs to grow in the digital industry with a focus on building key relationships in FinTech, eCommerce, IoT and Big Data in order to foster the development of Hong Kong into a “Smart City”.

“Blockchain has the power to significantly redesign the way we do business, interact with each other – and really, reshape the world as we know it,” said Matej Boda, Founder and Executive Director of DECENT. “This is why Unchained is so important: it connects the brightest innovators from around the globe, to help mold the future of this amazing industry.”

The Unchained Conference in Hong Kong proved to be very successful in bringing together heavyweights within the blockchain community. More influential events like this will undoubtedly lead to new collaborations and the creation of future innovative projects. Looking forward to see what comes next for blockchain integration.


DECENT has created an innovative and customizable adaptation of blockchain technology, called DCore. The technology is set to revolutionize the way digital items are exchanged by providing simplified, decentralized and borderless content distribution. Strong cryptography ensures the highest level of security and trust. DCore is an open source solution for companies looking to fast-track their own blockchain-based ideas.


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