FUERGY, a renewable energy company, today announces the launch of its unique AI-powered device that utilizes blockchain to help users optimize consumption, maximize efficiency and receive benefits for their participation in the energy market.

FUERGY’s device is making renewable energy an effective and affordable solution for everyone. With the device, everyone can power not just their own home, but also the neighborhood they live in, providing energy for their close ones, schools, hospitals etc. Device owners can therefore create a virtual community regardless of distance to achieve energy balance thanks to the AI-powered surplus energy trading. Users can efficiently generate electricity for either their own consumption, store it, share it or to sell it back to the market.

Both the hardware device, and the AI-powered software that it contains to ensure hardware compatibility, has been developed by the FUERGY team for maximum security. The AI-powered software component takes care of trading and energy optimization while the hardware creates a bridge between a user’s home battery, green energy source and the grid.  The goal is to build an ecosystem that will consist of an unlimited number of nodes — market participants, where electricity will be produced and consumed more efficiently.

One of the goals aimed at combating climate change is to produce up to a third of all energy through renewable sources by 2030 – with focus on solar and wind which is a common source of power for people from all across the world. Europe in particular is striving for greater energy security, and such security will be easily achieved through a combination of technology and incentivization. FUERGY allows all consumers to be able to control and share their electric energy effectively to focus on sustainability.

“Energy demands are constantly growing,” said Radoslav Stompf, CEO and co-founder of FUERGY “Our company provides a scalable solution for renewable energy, where consumers can save and potentially earn money via the production of clean energy.”  

Disclosure: This article includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company


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