Getting from one place to another has never been easier thanks to modern technology. Apps such as Uber are not only adding to our traditional methods of transport but they are now paving the way forward for mainstream transport. This has become increasingly clear thanks to the services of UberPOOL, which matches users with riders heading in the same direction, so they can share the ride and the cost.

Additionally, the popular city transit app Citymapper is launching its own public transport service in London called Smart Ride. The company has started trialing its own smart green bus in London, following pre-set routes, allowing passengers to jump on and off at bus stops. It seems that all forms of transport will soon be dominated by these rising startups, assisting everyone from your traditional commuter on their regular morning route, to your wealth businessman catching an UberCHOPPER in Dubai.

However, this technology has expanded into many other industries, helping more than just people get from A to B. Dray Alliance, a B2B platform that applies the “ride-sharing” model to drayage container delivery, is helping businesses across the US with their drayage needs. Its platform is powered by a proprietary AI prediction algorithm, which provides users with a drayage quote at the click of a button, turning hours and weeks into minutes and seconds.

“Currently, import and export shippers that deliver containerized cargo have to spend hours or even weeks to negotiate a drayage rate, which can have a huge impact on business. We are proud to be pushing this industry forward with new ideas and technology. By offering transparency to drayage and intermodal trucking companies, we can ultimately lower the cost of container deliveries, making life easier for everyone involved,” said Steve Wen, Co-Founder and CEO of Dray Alliance.

This is just one industry which has been positively impacted by the rise of modern technology. A Silicon Valley robotics company has joined forces with the Rwandan health ministry to improve the delivery of essential medicines to hospitals in remote areas. This technology is a monumental step forward, undoubtedly saving lives which would otherwise be at risk without the help of this technology.

When we think about the future of transportation, it can be easier to be absorbed in fantasies of teleportation, or Elon Musk’s super futuristic Hyperloop. However, there are many ways modern transport is evolving now to help all of us whether it’s moving produce more easily, or saving lives in rural Africa, the abilities of modern technology and transport are undoubtedly an incredible step forward for everyone.


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