TubShroom®is an innovative new product that keeps hair from clogging up your drain. It consists of a rubber colander that fits inside your bathtub drain to allow water to flow freely while catching any bigger particles that may try and sneak into the plumbing system. This saves money on household cleaners AND saves the environment at the same time, as those same chemicals that clean your drain also destroy pipes and contaminate waterways. TubShroom® is taking the States by storm. We had an interview with the founder and CEO, Serge Karnegie, to find out more:

How did you perfect the design? For example, how did you know how many holes to use?

It took a little trial and error. The main objective was to stop the hair from clogging the drain while allowing for uninterrupted water flow. The very first prototype was pretty much perfect and didn’t need much tweaking.

Do you see the company expanding internationally? In the United States, there are universal drain sizes. In other countries, the drains aren’t necessarily uniform. Is this a challenge you are looking to overcome?

We are rapidly expanding and gaining more and more distribution world-wide. We have a very strong presence in Canada and working towards establishing distribution channels in Europe as well as Asia and the Middle East. Drains in the US and Canada are pretty much uniformed. Drain sizes in other countries vary a little, but we have a pretty wide range of sizes and I don’t see it as a major obstacle.

What is the future of TubShroom®? Where do you see the company in a year?

We’re here to stay. With close to two million units sold to date, TubShroom® is becoming a household name. We’re coming out with more new and exciting quality products. That said, sky is the limit.

Do you see TubShroom® expanding into other product lines, tackling other areas of the home?

Yes, we’re currently working on several new kitchen and bathroom related products. We just came out with a new product called StopShroom®. It’s a stopper compatible with all our hair catchers. We’re soon coming out with a strainer for the kitchen sink. We just finished testing its functionality and are very happy with the results. It will be a great addition to our line of products.

Have you had any constructive feedback from customers, and if so what are they interested in seeing?

We constantly get feedback from the end user and try to accommodate customers’ requests. For the most part, the feedback is very positive. We’re also finding out that there’re some odd drain sizes and shapes and we’re constantly working on improving our products to satisfy all our customers.


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