OVAL Digital Inc. has its sights set on a number of diverse markets with the world’s first affordable and small consumer sensor.

Available for home and business use, OVAL sensors detect changes in motion, acceleration, moisture, temperature, light and proximity – instantly sending an alert to your phone or email.

With its goal being to reduce accidents and protect property, Oval is aggressively targeting three $100 billion markets – home healthcare, home security, and pets.

“This product is revolutionary because it’s simple to use yet customizable and affordable,” said Oval co-founder Rich Cosgrove, “We want to reach the verticals that can benefit most from OVAL sensors, including: parents, those who care for elderly and disabled people, pet owners, apartment dwellers, businesses and homes.”

If a sensor is disturbed, you can receive a text, push notification, email or even a pre-programmed phone call instantly from anywhere in the world, empowering you to take action right away.

“We’re happy to bring what we think will be a safeguarding revolution to the marketplace,” added Cosgrove, “No other low cost and compact sensor on the market is able to monitor as many parameters as OVAL, making it truly versatile and able to be used in countless ways.”

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