The idea of being fully nomadic, traveling wherever the world takes you is a dream which thousands if not millions have embarked on thanks to the wonders of modern technology. However, not everyone likes the idea of moving freely, especially those working at airports and borders. It is becoming increasingly common for countries to demand to see proof of onward travel in order for a none resident to enter the country. In some cases, they will also ask for proof of finances with evidence using bank statements. This has led to many travel bloggers highlighting ways to navigate this issue.

For many countries, this is just a formality and they often do not check. However, it is not uncommon for airlines to insist that travelers have proof prepared, this is quite simply because the bulk of the responsibility of this law lies with the check-in staff, thus if you get on your flight, it’s unlikely that immigration in your destination country will check for an exit ticket.

So it is always best to be prepared and planning ahead can really help, and this also means choosing, in some cases, the correct type of refundable ticket. In a previous blog post by, a travel Insurance Comparison site, highlights certain hacks that can be used to get the best deals on flights, he has also featured in The Sociable with similar bright ideas. What’s more, Jonathan Breeze, the CEO of, believes there are ways around purchasing a refundable ticket, without the sky-high prices attached to them, advocating that customers can “Simply add a separate ‘Cancel For Any Reason’ travel insurance from an independent travel insurance for peace of mind” according to this article.

He adds “Refundable tickets and airline insurance are so high because airlines function on yield management techniques and are therefore notorious for swiping as much money that is humanly possible out of every customer. Insurance companies, on the other hand, work on risk and operating costs to sell you a policy and in return profit little. Rather than setting out to make revenue from a customer, insurance companies are able to offer affordable deals and make earnings due to the fact that people rarely cancel.”

Evidently, there are many options when choosing to live nomadically without the constant pressure to show proof of onward travel. With the right knowledge, the question is no longer “how do I beat the system?” and now stands as “what is the best way for me to beat the system?” and live freely!

Disclosure: This article includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company


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