The rocky ride of relationships can be an emotional rollercoaster for both parties involved. Going through these ups and downs can result in a couple becoming stronger than before, or breaking (up) from the pressure. However, the strength of communication and the connection between a couple is not only important when dealing with difficulties between one another, but also when one individual suffers their own personal set back or trouble.

However, research has shown that partners who empathize with one another’s negative emotions experience greater satisfaction with their relationships. This may come as no surprise given that you would expect a strong couple to stand side by side in unity regardless of their individual problems.

And there is more good news. For couples that are able to empathize with one another through the bad, they are rewarded five times over when something good happens. According to Michael Andreychik of Fairfield University, the effect of empathy for a partner’s positive emotions is five times stronger than the feeling of negative emotions.

Clearly, the happiness of your partner can have a profound effect on your happiness as well. In light of this, a strong couple might want to make their partner happy as much as possible. And while you could set out to buy them all manner of gifts or gestures, it is sometimes the small things that can make the biggest difference. This was the mentality behind Duety, an application that works as a social network for only two people, and aims to improve their relationship.

The app encourages couples to perform loving gestures which are then tallied using a point system known as Matripuntos. The app has been successfully running for a number of years but has been re-released with better functionality than ever before having been tested for two years with more than 1,500 couples. By simplifying the usability, the product has become more modern and intuitive than ever before.

“Relationships are an important mixture of give and take, that has to be a core foundation otherwise the bond will become one-sided and ultimately fail. We want to remind couples that these gestures don’t have to be a chore, far from it, they can be very rewarding and fun, bringing happiness to both partners equally” said Oriana Castro , Founder and CEO of Duety.


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