Around the world, the cost of diapers is going up. A  few weeks ago, P&G announced that the company will be raising prices for Pampers and other household items. This is due to changes in the supply of paper, a raw material of diapers.

In fact, over the last decade or so, the paper industry has been hit hard due to the rise of the internet, which dramatically reduced the demand for paper products like newspapers and books.

Whats more, various natural disasters have affected the supply chain of paper in the past year along with increased demand from emerging markets (i.e. China) have contributed significantly to rise in paper pulp prices in both the US and China.

Thomas Mai
Thomas Mai, the co-founder and CEO of Diapers2go

However, just because the prices are rising, doesn’t mean it is always a good idea to go for the cheapest option. To get an idea of why this might be the case, we spoke with Thomas Mai, the co-founder and CEO of Diapers2go, a startup looking to disrupt the diaper industry, who said “Prices in society tend to increase every year, but comparing all diapers with each other is like comparing a Ferrari with a Fiat. Both have the same purpose ie driving and getting from point A to point B but that is where the comparison stops. Between the 2 cars, there is an enormous difference in style, price, equipment, engine, driving experience etc.”

He adds “It is the same difference with diapers, you might be able to buy the cheapest diapers, but are the best in terms of leak quality, wear and tear and what is it made off? Is it full of chemicals and petroleum that effects the health of the baby or is it made from 100% organic bamboo? What is the best of the baby in the long run and what is best from a household budget point of view? It is not always about the cheapest price, but what makes sense for everyone.”

Diapers2Go’s unique offering (as seen in the video below) highlights why change is needed in this industry, an industry often run by leaders such as Pampers.

Clearly prices are going up, but hopefully, with the help of innovation and startups like Diapers2Go, parents will have an increasing number of options when choosing what diaper is best for their baby and potentially their wallet.


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