Influence marketing showed up a few years ago and keeps gaining momentum by the day. Now and then opinion leaders emerge literally in every area of YouTube and Instagram, so advertising and PR campaigns without bloggers are becoming a rare sight. According to the State of the Industry research, brands are more and more inclined to choose native ads over traditional ones: in 2018, influence marketing spending on Instagram exceeded $5 bln. There are multiple ways for brands and influencers to interact with one another, however, not all of them result in additional sales for the advertiser and/or profit for bloggers. Admitad affiliate network managed to find a perfect way for both sides to earn via cost-per-action model: in December 2018, Unique Promo Codes were released. What is so ‘unique’ about them? Compared with the regular promo codes, unique ones are bound to a specific publisher, giving him an opportunity to draw attention to specific offers without affiliate links. Now other publishers will not be able to profit by taking someone else’s keywords and putting them into their links. Target actions will be attributed to the promo code owner according to the unique promo code id. It does not matter, what sources of traffic and ad spaces took part in bringing customers to the conversation point – only the unique promo code counts. «Influence marketing keeps growing and steering customers’ behavior all the more. To discover the full potential of the ad spaces, publishers need new tools to help them achieve their marketing objectives. The problem is most acute in the visual channels — YouTube and Instagram, where it is hard to track the advertising impact on the audience. And it’s even worse when it comes down to micro-bloggers. Although they tend to play a sufficient role in customers’ lives, they struggle to attract large brands. In this case, unique promo codes are a perfect solution. The advertisers can put their ads in visual channels of any size without pointless spending and track how impressions convert into sales. The influencers can profit from this new income-boosting tool as well. It’s a win-win», — Daniil Spitsa, Head of Products commented. Efficient tool to monetize traffic Thanks to the unique promo codes, publishers can be sure that target actions will be attributed directly to them. Moreover, they will have more options to tell about the special activity: — YouTube-bloggers can mention a unique promo code in their video, not just put a link in the description. — Instagramers can put it both in stories and in their profile bio. Surely, they can also put it under their photos, but how many people would be encouraged to later fill it in manually?. — The promo codes can also be used offline. You can give them out as flyers during the events, in gyms, cinemas, beauty parlors or mention them in the restaurant bills, which allows covering a much bigger audience. New ways to interact with influencers of other segments For advertisers, unique promo codes are not just an extra Admitad tool, but also a fresh solution to promote and develop their business. — It is an opportunity to work with interesting bloggers relevant for your business, discussing the terms on an individual basis for each publisher. — Tracking the promotional activity in your personal account and assessing its effectiveness. — Extending your coverage by attracting traffic from sources where it is hard to put an affiliate link (such as Instagram). — Engaging new sources of traffic and increasing the number of target actions. The ‘Unique Promo Codes’ tool erases the usual boundaries of working via CPA (even for YouTube and Instagram), delivering new sources of traffic to your website and increasing the publisher’s and advertisers’ income without affiliate links or complex integration. Disclosure: This article includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company


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