On June 12, 2019, DX.Partners and its portfolio companies, DXFactor and ARInspect, held an exclusive soft launch release of its pioneering Outcomes Platform. The event was held in Washington D.C., with 200 of the D.C. metro area’s top technology, venture capital and investment executives in attendance. Leading up to the soft launch, the DX.Partners founders spent more than six months in stealth mode, deeply studying the current digital transformation crisis. They dissected thousands of digital transformation use cases to amass petabytes of attributes from successful DX strategies, which were then used to create the world’s largest library of successful digital transformation characteristics, resulting in the creation of the game-changing Outcomes Driven Approach and the world’s first Outcomes Platform. Research shows that currently, 70% of digital transformation initiatives will not reach their stated goals, equating to over $900 billion in wasted dollars. DXPartners’ Outcomes Platform is aiming to eliminate that waste and repurpose this massive spend to drive new levels of economic and societal impact. The Outcomes Platforms is the world’s first platform built to identify the “what” at the beginning of a company’s digital transformation journey. The platform uses augmented analytics and AI to automate the digital transformation process by proposing solutions which, when precisely implemented, are guaranteed to generate successful outcomes for customers. Using this Outcomes Driven approach, DXPartners has originated a seven-figure fund that has invested and formed two profitable digital transformation startups, using the company’s Build, Operate and Transfer model (BOT) in less than six months: ARInspect, a platform empowering companies to offer data-driven inspections; and DXFactor, a company built to instill outcomes-driven digital transformation. “We are finally on the frontier of an Outcomes Driven economy, which will drive the world forward on every level. But we can’t create it alone; our goal is to build, operate and transfer novel startup companies and partner with thousands of organizations to instill an Outcomes Driven mindset, and together build this new economic model,” said Sundeep Sanghavi, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of DX.Partners. Due to massive demand by interested investors — thanks to the success of its first fund — DX.Partners has now opened a $20 million pledge fund which will be used to invest in the next cohort of ground-breaking Outcomes Driven startups, all built upon the Outcomes Platform.

Disclosure: This article includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company


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