Building an expansive sharable digital portfolio product that allows financial advisors the ability to track, maintain, and nurture their client’s portfolios across a deep shelf of traditional and alternative investment products is an achievement that many advisory firms  CPAs, RIAs, and family offices simply don’t have the capital or time to commit to. 

In 2022’s market, such a service shouldn’t be out of reach though, and with investors clamoring to diversify in the current downtrend, mid-cap financial institutions need a way to envelop stocks, bonds, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, real estate, and more all under the advisory same umbrella. 

With that in mind, having recently successfully launched its consumer-facing investment application out of beta, has taken a step up to meet the needs of financial advisors with the launch of Claritus for Investors. The new white label service allows advisors to share and reflect entire portfolios with their clients to dramatically improve collaboration and the decision-making process as a whole when it comes to navigating today’s challenging financial environment. 

Through Claritus for Advisors’ white-label solution advisory firms and fintech apps with an advisory function can instantly expand their product shelf of alternative investment vehicles, and optimize client portfolio performance in an easily shareable, highly insightful format.

“As more investors pivot to demand a wider spread of alternative and diverse investment opportunities to fill their portfolios amidst the ongoing downturn, Claritus for Advisors is poised to step up to fill that need,” said Shai Azran, Co-Founder and CEO at Claritus. 

With no sign of demand for alternatives slowing, advisory services seeking to stay competitive should consider onboarding a white-label solution to save more money, broaden their offering and supercharge insight. For more information about and how Claritus for Advisors works with fintechs and financial advisors, click here.

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