Fyne has recently announced the launch of its mobile app, aiming to change the way we discover and choose our restaurants by expanding the restrictive parameters offered by other restaurant-finding platforms.

Going beyond the basic reviews and star-based recommendations of restaurants in a set area, the Fyne Iphone app — dubbed the “Spotify for food” — gives users the choice to pick out a perfect restaurant depending not only on their current location, but also their present mood, personalizing the choices in a revolutionary way.

Once a user has indicated whether he or she for example is “in a rush” or has the “need to focus,” the application lists which restaurants in the neighborhood or immediate area are right for them based on atmosphere, menu and review analysis. These parameters, based on more than just number of stars, ensures that the user will find exactly what is right for them without having to scroll through endless listings.

“Your mood defines your ability to enjoy a location. If you want to go out and celebrate, for example, you won’t appreciate that literary restaurant you went to for a quiet lunch, you want something with a bit of spice,” says Draper University graduate and Fyne founder Raman Shrivastava.

As more people turn to apps to find their perfect place to eat, Fyne aims to alter the way users approach an already rapidly changing referral industry now dominated by location-based business review applications, such as Yelp and Foursquare. A 2013 study by SinglePlatform and Chadwick Martin Bailey found that 81% of consumers use mobile apps to search for restaurants, while 75% are more likely choose a restaurant purely based on search results. The Fyne mood-based discovery platform looks to complement the growing market and suggest more personalized establishments.

“Finding restaurants at the moment, specially in an area or city we are unfamiliar with, can be painful and time consuming. Our app focuses on what people ‘feel like’ and through the platform we can analyze the best choice for the user,” Shrivastava explained.

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