The latest player to enter the booming chat market “gamifies” the experience of chatting with friends and colleagues.

Votechat is a mobile messaging platform that incorporates fundamental gamification principles into social interaction.

“These days, there are a million different ways for people to communicate. Facebook for private chats and Twitter for quick updates and Instagram and Skype and Facetime and all the rest. What doesn’t exist yet is a platform built specifically to get things done, to encourage conversation, not for conversation’s sake, but to achieve an actual fixed goal,” says Votechat Co-Founder Stewart Alsopp.

Votechat users toss out ideas amid their friend groups or join public discussions. The chat window only displays the ideas that have received the most votes, and from there, a basic democratic principle determines which idea “wins.”

Figuring things out among friends has never been easier or more straightforward, whether it’s what movie to see on a given night or which NBA All-Star would win in a one-on-one.

“It’s not winning in a purely competitive sense, like let’s see who can win the most conversations. Winning is just an easy way of framing what happens when you give order to a frustrating and unnecessarily complicated process,” says Alsopp.

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