If you are a CrossFit enthusiast please take note. There is a new app in town called Highfit and it enables you to instantly book CrossFit classes wherever you are traveling to and the app is free of charge. 

Highfit was founded in August 2017, by co-founders Brent Gilmore and Katie Pietrowski. It is an online booking app that connects crossfitters with local CrossFit gyms in different locations around the US along with a couple other foreign locations.  

The application is very simple to use. A soon as users open the application they can instantly find CrossFit gyms close by accompanied by a list of available classes from which the users can choose the one they prefer. The Highfit application can be downloaded for free and the bookings can be paid via Apple Pay or credit card.  

“Basically, the CrossFit set of athletic exercises are based on natural movements that people would do in the real world, such as squatting or doing a pull-up, there are no machines involved in the training session, but an instructor is needed – hence the need to book an available spot in class if you want to maintain your CrossFit workout routine when traveling” explained one of the co-founders and CEO of the company, Brent Gilmore, to BOSTINNO.

The startup makes money by taking a 20% cut of each transaction while the prices are determined by each individual Crossfit gym. The application already has almost 1,000 Crossfit gyms enrolled in the application based in the US and around 50 more in foreign locations since its launch earlier this year.

In the future the startup is hoping to add more gyms to its network, especially in new foreign locations. The Crossfit gyms currently on the network that are already based in foreign locations are all in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and a couple in South America.


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