Startup TinyButton allows users to take their page global by translating and localizing hundreds of pages into dozens of languages rapidly and automatically.

The global demand for language services and technology is estimated to be worth $37 billion, and is growing by over 6% every year. This shows that in today’s world it is utterly important for businesses to translate their websites into non-English speaking languages.  

Hence, “TinyButton was born out of necessity,” explained TinyButton Founder and CEO, Sinan Kaya. “Our team has built and served over 20,000 ecommerce businesses and online services, yet we never found a tool that could efficiently localize our websites end to end and had a simple, intuitive user interface until we built TinyButton. After seeing a quick revenue rise for clients trialing our product, we realized the extent of our potential, and today we are able to localize a 1,000-page website in 45 minutes.”

TinyButton aims to bridge this gap. It does so by using a friendly live editor, a network of over 15,000 translators for 50 languages, and an automated, rule-based localization and approval workflow.

Moreover, it does not merely translate text but also handles images, meta tags and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), which localizes the markup language describing a website’s look and formatting, as well as information used by search engines, to the target country without changing the source code.

“In today’s market it’s literally impossible to localize sites without coding, and we do it all with minimal effort from our clients. TinyButton is available for anyone who wants their site to talk to the rest of the world.”

TinyButton’s unique full stack localization tool gives users three different options. Localizing your site yourself, real-time human translation, or machine translation.



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