A MIT engineer & political maven has launched an app that links the thousands of people running for office with the political donors who give between $20-$1000.

This move comes after a recent Supreme Court decision opened the financial floodgates into politics.

Photo: Donortap
Photo: Donortap

Donortap allows the hundreds of thousands of individuals running for office to uniquely engage with and fundraise from millions of overlooked American small donors by providing candidates with a user friendly, state- of-the-art, fundraising intelligence and automation app on their smart phone that takes the place of an army of staffers, a team of fundraising experts and complex software. Their app also empowers small donors to connect with other like-minded donors and enables them to easily act as a powerful syndicate nationwide

Small donors have limited influence in the political process. Among the 20 million political donors in the US, 1% account for more than 60% of total contributions.

Since over 95% of the total contributions originate from one-to-one appeals (mostly calls from the candidate) a successful small donor fundraising campaign requires a complex degree of intelligence & automation currently not available/affordable to 99% of candidates. Additionally, there is no easy way for donors to donate as a group.

Currently over 100,000 candidates run for office every year. Only 1% (1,000) of these candidates are in a position to mount a successful campaign targeting small donors by hiring top fundraising consulting firms and large teams of high-quality staffers. That leaves over 90,000 small candidates operating at extremely subpar levels of fundraising intelligence and automation. They spend 60% of their time fundraising without a sound approach producing dismal results and their lack of fundraising automation leads to an average of 40% of uncollected pledges.

Donortap empowers every individual running for office to successfully deploy a small donor fundraising campaign by providing candidates an easy to use, state-of-the-art, fundraising intelligence and automation app on their smart phone that takes the place of an army of staffers, fundraising experts and complex software.

The need to raise funds and find time to gain voters’ support is more crucial than ever. A clear indication of this can be seen in the statistics provided by the Center for Responsive Politics, which reveal that a staggering 95% of the time, the political candidate with the most money emerges victorious.

The team at Donortap believes that candidates should see success based on merit rather than the wealth of their campaign or fundraising circles. Despite the vast majority of funders in the US — 25 million in fact — being small donors ($20 – $1,000), candidates do not tend to engage sufficiently with this group of contributors. This easy-to-use app grants candidates intelligent access to these small donors and increases the quality of their co-operation.

“Candidates spend around 60% of their campaign time on the phone, though nowhere near enough attention goes to the small donors despite them being by far the largest number of contributors. With Donortap, these small-scale donors will finally get the phone time they deserve,” says CEO and Founder, Ricardo Garcia-Amaya.

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