A Spanish company, that was the country’s first preferred marketing developer (PMD) for Facebook, has announced they will be expanding into the US.

In its native Spain, ADTZ (http://www.adtz.com/nosotros/) earned the privileged PMD title in 2010. The company boasts an advanced Facebook campaign manager and other intuitive web tools that help users create, coordinate, monitor and analyze their Facebook advertising presence.

ADTZ-2Now the company says it is opening a Miami office to help bring its Spanish-speaking operations to the US.

None of that would have been possible without the close relationship we’ve built with Facebook,” says Ricardo Reis Co-Founder of ADTZ and LatAm CEO. “PMD status was a gratifying stamp of excellence given the work we put into our ADAM campaign management tool. It has allowed us the privilege of working alongside some of the best web developers and software designers in the world in Facebook’s technical backend team, and we have benefited greatly from that experience. But beyond that, PMD is also a commitment that requires us to constantly update and build up our web tools, ensuring that ADTZ stays dynamic and relevant, just like our clients hope to be.”

ADTZ, explains Reis, was one of the first social media marketing firms in the world. Through its partnership with the Facebook API platform, it has managed to become an industry leader in demonstrable performance improvements.

“For us, opening the Miami office was part of a regular progression,” says
CEO Juan Dominguez. “If you look at our history, you’ll see that we have
consistently invested in expanding our services and presence. Bringing an
office to the United States was an obvious next step for us, and we think
Miami in particular fits with what we’ve managed to accomplish in Latin
America. The cohesion between Miami and our Spanish-speaking operations is
something we thought a lot about.”

Dominguez says the new Miami office will be hiring data and business
intelligence specialists to continue along the company’s overarching goal of
correlating Facebook campaign results to tangible gains in reach, fans and
marketing performance.

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