Carbonite, a leading provider of backup and disaster recovery solutions, has become the latest company to use Stackify’s unique all-in-one application performance management (APM), server monitoring, error tracking, and log management solution.

Using Stackify, the Carbonite team has been able to expedite identification and resolution of application issues resulting in improved overall system performance and end-user satisfaction.

Viewable from one centralized dashboard, Stackify’s cloud-based insights into application health have recently been bolstered with the addition of its new APM+ software — an always-on solution that gives developers an increased understanding at every level of an application’s performance by offering code-level profile traces. The solution is fully integrated with Stackify’s existing application and server monitoring, error tracking, and log management solutions. This full suite of products provides Carbonite with a comprehensive view of the health and performance of its applications.

As a service focused on providing secure cloud and hybrid backup and disaster recovery solutions for small businesses and individual households, Carbonite’s suite of applications needs to be performing at all times. Stackify’s affordable solution provides Carbonite with a comprehensive, cross-platform status overview of its multiple systems, regardless of which app generates an error, where it is hosted, or which environment the app is operating in.

“Stackify was intriguing for a couple of reasons. It offered everything we were looking for in terms of a centralized location to view log information, error management and alerting, as well as monitoring, regardless of which application, hosting location or environment. On top of all that, they were much better priced than all of their competitors. We looked at five or six competitors and ultimately found that only Stackify gave us everything we needed,” said Michael Paterson, principal software engineer at Carbonite.

“APM+ has been an outstanding addition to the Stackify tool belt. The ability to see such detailed performance information without code changes has been incredibly beneficial. Recently we had a performance problem that could only be reproduced in production. We turned on APM+ and within a couple of minutes were able to identify the issue and a few hours later push out a fix. Without APM+ we would have added tens if not hundreds of log statements in an effort to get some of the information that APM+ gave us with the push of a button,” Patterson stated.

The immediate time and cost benefits of having one location for all application performance monitoring and log and error management needs has allowed the Carbonite team to focus on business-critical aspects that will increase its share in an off-premises cloud services market that  — according to Infonetics — is expected to be over $200 billion by 2018.

“My comfort level with the quality and health of our hybrid cloud application between our on-premise data center and Azure Cloud services and storage is at an all-time high thanks in large part to the exceptional visibility provided by Stackify at the server, application, and code levels,” added Paterson.

“Stackify is quickly becoming the go-to service for companies and individual developers looking for a multi-platform solution that supports numerous environments. This is because we provide everything that a developer requires to understand their application’s behavior and health from a single place, allowing them to ensure quality support and optimal performance of their applications for their clients,” said Stackify VP of Sales, Jim Burroughs. “Being selected by a company such as Carbonite over other solutions strengthens Stackify’s position as a leading player in this market.”

About Stackify

Stackify offers the only developer-friendly solution that fully integrates error and log management with application performance monitoring in one platform. Stackify provides software developers and operations with an innovative, cloud-based solution that gives them DevOps insights and allows them to monitor, detect and resolve cloud and on-premise application issues before they affect their users to ensure a better end-user experience. For more information visit



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