has announced the launch of its new app for Android, giving users of the world’s largest smartphone market the easiest way to plan and uncover travel ideas via its interactive travel itinerary-sharing platform.

Its earlier launched iOS app has already been downloaded by thousands of avid travelers around the world. The new TripVerse Android app features smart integration with both Foursquare and Google Maps — enabling users to seamlessly create personalized trip itineraries that can be shared with friends, family, and fellow travelers.

The app provides an authentic perspective of the most unique and exciting things to do in amazing places around the world. TripVerse enables users to seamlessly discover popular attractions – from food to sights to must-do activities – in specific destinations and share their itineraries with fellow travelers. Every attraction featured in the app includes location photos, descriptions, and integrated maps so travelers have all the information they need at their fingertips.

With 84% of Facebook users admitting that their own trips are inspired by friends’ past travels – according to figures collected by the social network – the new TripVerse app is set to be a key player in passing on these experiences to the estimated 2.5 billion Android users around the world.

“Big sites like TripAdvisor steer you towards the largest tourist traps. TripVerse provides crowd-sourced itineraries by actual travelers so users can browse a myriad of different plans and pick and choose what appeals to them most,” said TripVerse Co-founder and CEO Benny Kao.

TripVerse is available on the Web, as well as on Android and iOS. Furthermore, the handy offline feature saves the platform’s recommendations and maps to the app. This allows users to access the information anywhere, anytime without needing to worry about an active internet connection or data roaming charges, which can be a huge challenge and frustration while traveling. It is the only platform that enables travelers to find inspiration, create itineraries, and access those itineraries offline – all from one place.

“Our growing community of users are loving the ability to create their own itineraries and share them, along with their own tips, photos, and insights about their experience,” added Kao. “The Android app means more people can now share their experiences and inspire would-be travelers with a deeper understanding of different cultures.”

The elegant travel itineraries can be saved online, downloaded via the apps, or shared via Facebook or the TripVerse platforms with a single click. In contrast to other travel platforms, TripVerse focuses on the personalization of unique itineraries, filling the valuable information gaps from individual travelers and combining them with a user-friendly interface.



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